Iris ID - iData™ Iris Recognition Entry Access Control (EAC)

The world’s leading Iris Recognition Entry Access Control software and workhorse of the iData™ software lineup is iData Entry Access Control (EAC) suite. A highly versatile offering, IrisAccess® allows seamless integration within virtually any Physical Access Control System (PACS). iData EAC provides high level integration configurable with Wiegand, relay, GPI/O, and RS232/422.

Additionally, a variety of software development tools are available to provide integration with PACS system user credential processes, and report management systems. iData EAC can empower the Iris Recognition based IrisAccess system to operate and provide best of breed biometric security in an integrated or stand-alone environment with a repertoire for enterprise use.

  • iData EAC software has an automatic grading process that ensures that only good or better iris images are enrolled in the system
  • iDentityCheck™ makes it impossible to have a duplicate record entry in the system Iris Recognition iDentity
Device Administration & Operation Mode Management IrisAccess devices can be configured with multiple operational modes, selectable within device web-configurable tools. Available Operational Modes:
  • Operational Mode 1 (Option 1): Networked iCAM Control
  • Operational Mode 2 (Option 2): Smart Card On-Device Verification Mode
  • Operational Mode 3 (Option 3): On-Device iCAM Authentication (1:1/1:N)

Option 1

Networked iCAM Control / Iris Matching Mode

The device will operate as part of an IrisAccess system in conjunction with an ICU4000R, IrisEnroll4000, or an application based on the iData EAC Toolkit. The iCAM will only provide images to ICU or other software applications.
iCAM7 + Legacy iCAM4000
iCAM7 + Legacy iCAM4000

Option 2

Smart Card On-Device Verification Mode

The iCAM7000 series devices operate as a stand-alone or network device for verification (1:1) of the iris templates on a smart card. The iCAM7000 Series will support compatible 3rd party applications such as iData EAC Toolkit.
iCAM7 Iris Recognition Smart Card Mode

Option 3

On Device iCAM Control and Iris Matching Mode

The iCAM7000 series devices provides iris identification inside the device. This mode provides the function of an ICU within the iCAM. This option is designed for use with the IrisAccess system and 3rd party applications built with iData development tools.

iCAM7 Iris Recognition
iCAM7 Iris Recognition
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