Where authenticated person’s access rights are securely retained and managed.

The ICU (Identity Controller) is the system component assigned to one or more portals where authenticated persons access rights are securely retained and managed. The ICU also ensures that portal operation can continue if the re is an interruption in communication with the host computer. In such circumstances, the ICU retains the records of portal activity, then automatically updates the host upon resumption of host communication. Every ICU in the iCAM4000 / 7 series runs on a LINUX OS for added reliability. Independent and fault tolerant, ICUs are connected up to 2 iCAMs and handle up to 100,000 users.


  • Supports all iCAM7 series Camera Units
  • iCAM4000 series Support Available
  • Comes with Power Supply Included *
  • Easy Installation
  • Handles Large Database to 100,000 Users
  • Programmable Alarm Inputs and Outputs
  • Programmable Relays for Customized Functions
  • Available with 2 Remote Channel Wiegand In/Output
  • Surface Mount Installation
  • ICU Case Lock
  • * Power Supply Specs: Input / Output: 12~24 VDC, 2.0 Amps @ 12 VDC / 24W

Typical Applications:

  • Access Control
  • Physical Security
  • Time and Attendance
  • Immigration & Border Control
  • Network Security
  • Integration & Custom Development
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