Iris ID iCAM H100 Iris Recognition

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Iris ID iCAM H100
  • Biometric : Iris + Face
  • Single Motion Automatic Dual Iris and Face Capture
  • OLED Touch Screen
  • High Capacity On-Device Matching
  • Standards Compliant Hardware and Software
  • Integrated USB / Video / SD Memory / Hot Swap Battery

Iris ID (formally LG Iris) has been producing commercial iris recognition systems since 1997. In thousands of locations, IrisAccess® authenticates the iris identity of more persons than all other iris platforms combined. Iris ID’s rich experience in iris recognition is exemplified in the iCAM H100.

Previous handheld iris recognition systems required significant cooperation and for a subject to remain completely motionless in order to capture high quality iris images. Iris ID has developed a series of algorithms which provide the capability to capture iris images while either the person or the device is in motion. The “iris in motion” capability helps to realize new horizons in market applications for the technology.

High Speed – Dual Iris and Face Capture
The iCAM H100 incorporates a multi-camera system specifically designed and optimized to operate in perfect unison. The iCAM H100 automatically generates high quality ISO standard compliant iris images of a subject in less than one second as the device or the subject approaches the optimum capture distance. Additionally, the iCAM H100 captures ISO/ICAO Standard compatible face images.

Multimodal Biometric Solution
The iCAM H100 includes on-board face capture and iris matching. The iCAM H100 can quickly enroll and identify using iris recognition. The on-board processor can access a high capacity biometric “watch list” for matching.
Iris Image Capture Process
An illustration of the iris capture GUI screen is shown below. Iris and face capture are performed by the operator extending their arm from the face capture distance to the iris capture distance as illustrated below.

iCAM H100 Diagram

iCAM H100 IrisCapture Images

Face Image Capture Process
  • The integrated framing function provides feedback for the capture of a properly formatted ISO/ICAO Standard compliant face image on the OLED touch screen
  • Manual face capture with auto focus is also available

Additional Features

  • OLED Touchscreen interface with 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Scene photo capture can document location of the event
  • Real-time Feedback and Quality Metrics provided


  • Lightweight -15 Oz
  • Removable SD Memory
  • Hot Swappable Battery
  • USB – Host PC or Keyboard connectivity

iCAM H100 FaceCapture Images


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