Iris Recognition and Identification technology protects Hawaii’s premier digital fort.

Aditech Data Centre Security

Designed for Resilience, The Fort is Hawaii’s largest Class A shared data center featuring “24/7” secure operations and is the only commercial Internet exchange in Hawaii.  DRFortress is a managed colocation provider offering mission-critical services to enterprises, network providers and eCommerce companies including AT&T, Hawaiian Telcom, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, Qwest, tw telecom, Verisign, and Wavecom Solutions. 

 A critical part of securing The Fort is authenticating the identity of everyone who enters the site.  Iris Identifications System’s are deployed and have been part of the solution for several years.  Iris recognition, combined with user pin numbers, must match before users are authenticated and granted access into The Fort.

“We are proud to e working with Iris ID Systems and including IrisAccess solutions as a critical part of our security infrastructure.” said Fred Rodi, president of DRFortress. “I believe DRFortress’ advanced facility design requiring unparalleled security demonstrates our commitment to using world-class solutions.”

Fred Rodi, President DRFortress

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(For further details contact Paul Stanborough, Managing Director Aditech Limited. Tel: +44 (0)1296 398085 Email:

Aditech Ltd. has been involved with many biometric applications across the complete spectrum of industry including Government, Aviation, Military, Construction, Medical, Manufacturing, Corporate Security and of course the Data Centres.

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