Iris Recognition Technology

What is Iris Recognition?

Biometrics refers to identifying a human based on physical or behavioural traits. Iris Identification is the process of identifying an individual by the unique pattern of their Iris, which is the coloured part around the pupil. It does this by taking a photo of the eye, and converting this to an Iris Code which is an encrypted digital template. This Iris Code is then either stored on the database in enrolment, or used to match against the database in Identification. The template is encrypted in such a way so that is cannot be backwards engineered to create an image of a person’s Iris.

Iris Identification is commonly mistaken for Retinal Scanning, which uses lasers to scan the back of the eye. Iris Identification does not use lasers and is completely non-intrusive, and there is no scanner or scanning involved in the Iris Identification process.

Close up of an Iris

Why use Iris Recognition?

  • Accuracy
    • The probability of two individuals having the same iris pattern is 1 in 10 to the power of 78
    • Even identical twins have different Iris Patterns.
    • Current Population of Earth is approx. 10 to the power of 10
    • Population that has ever lived is approx. 10 to the power of 11
    • Minimal genetic penetration (Chaotic Morphogenesis)

    • The Iris Pattern is statistically complex.

  • Long Term Stability

    • From 1 year of age to death, Iris remains stable
      • Never have to re-enroll participants

      • Little or no maintenance require
  • Accessibility
    • Image is easily captured

      • Automatically activated when you approach

      • From a distance of 3”- 30”
      • Totally un-intrusive

      • No need to “touch” anything

      • Totally Hygienic
  • Scalability

    • Can handle multi-million person databases

    • No degradation in accuracy as database grows

    • Extremely small “Outlier” population

  • Speed

    • Less than two (2) seconds to identify
    • Not affected by the size of the database

  • Compatibility

    • Cross platform compatibility for IT systems
    • Easily integrates into existing security and biometric systems



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