LG Iris – IrisAccess 3000 & IrisAccess 2200


LG Iris Access 3000
LG Iris – IrisAccess 3000
  LG followed the success of it pioneering IrisAccess 2200 with IrisAccess 3000. Debuted at COMDEX 2001, it replaced IrisAccess 2200 as the mainstay in LG’s iris recognition line in 2002. IrisAccess 3000 with autofocus, autozoom brough a new improved and more intuitive user interface to the era of the single-eye imager.
IrisAccess 3000 set new standards for integration versaility as tools to help integrate iris biometrics with smartcards and embed IrisAccess in other vendors credentialling and Access Control systems were introduced.
Thousands of LG IrisAccess 3000 systems remain in operation today, performng well in a variety fo conditions all over the globe. While LG continues to support and service IrisAccess 3000, this model was disconitnues in 2006 to make way for the latest IrisAccess4000 system—a family of products that meshes seamlessly with its predecessaor.
Discontinued in 2006, Aditech can offer support on existing systems, and advise on upgrades.
LG Iris Access 2200
LG Iris – IrisAccess 2200
After committing to iris recognition development in 1997, the 1999 debut of IrisAccess 2200 the platform that made commercialization of iris recognition possible.
Attracting attention of early adopters, within two years, IrisAccess 2200 could be found in Data Centers government and military applications, border control pilots, identification of undocumented persons in refugee entitlement management as well as in early phase deployment in expedited air passenger programs.
While IrisAccess 2200 has not been sold since 2002 when it made way for a new and improved IrisAccess 3000, many IrisAccess 2200 systmes continue to work reliably in the field today.
Discontinued in 2001, Aditech can offer support on existing systems, and advise on upgrades.


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