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Aditech IrisTime Contact-free Biometric Technology is the answer for Access Control coupled with Time and Attendance

Aditech - Introducing IrisTimeIrisTime offers a new technique for authenticating employee identity that uses a fusion of iris and face recognition to increase accuracy and convenience.

IrisTime’s open Android-based platform accommodates hundreds of current time and attendance applications while also enabling independent software vendors (ISVs) to create custom software solutions meeting specific organizational needs. The platform is shipped with a standard app capable of meeting the needs of many organizations.

Also, IrisTime platform is contactless, an essential consideration during the COVID-19 pandemic. IrisTime is unaffected by employees wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and goggles. A recent study by a federal agency showed systems using only facial recognition could be up to 50% less accurate when people wore masks.

Aditech - Iris Access Control & AttendanceIrisTime uses fast auto-focus to quickly and conveniently authenticate employees’ identity at distances up to 24 inches, its accuracy is unsurpassed as it is the first platform that combines identifying characteristics from both an employee’s iris and face. This accuracy, along with seamless integration with payroll software, helps the platform eliminate potential errors while calculating hours worked, as well as benefits such as disability and accrued vacation time.

Using IrisTime, employee authentication takes less than a second, a vital consideration during busy shift changes. While clocking in, the IrisTime screen displays an employee’s name, company I.D. number and photo, along with the time and date of the activity. Biometric technology authenticates identity with no need for employees to present a card or remember a personal identification number to clock in or out. Plus, IrisTime integrates with card-based access control systems to create multi-factor authentication at mission-critical sites.

Companies currently using our platforms for time and attendance or access control have no need to re-enroll employees in order to use IrisTime.

For any size company…

IrisTime provides a high return on investment by eliminating costs associated with administering and managing punch, barcode, magnetic swipe or proximity cards and PINs. The accuracy of the biometric technology ensures the identity of an employee, eliminating the ability of employees to clock in for each other in a costly payroll fraud known as buddy punching. Fraud, along with inaccurate or outdated payroll technologies, may cost a business thousands of dollars annually.

For more than 20 years, Aditech has partnered with the leading innovators of flexible and reliable iris authentication solutions, IrisTime is revolutionising the time and attendance function with a biometric platform aimed at meeting many of the unprecedented challenges facing employers today. IrisTime is the time clock for the modern workforce. Download PDF version of this article.

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