Contact-free Biometric Technology for use in the Manufacturing and Associated Industries.


The wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) — helmets, gloves, masks and goggles are commonplace within engineering and industrial settings – but this may now be a prerequisite when following the COVID19 guidelines. What’s more, employees may need to be identified and authenticated prior to entering their place of work via access control or time and attendance technology.

While absolutely necessary to protect employees, PPE create major problems for some biometric devices used to authenticate people’s identity in line with the guidelines, when they enter restricted, dangerous or sensitive areas. Gloves for example, interfere with fingerprint readers and make it difficult to present access cards. In today’s COVID-19 era, no one wants to remove gloves and place their hands on a reader or key-pad previously used by scores if not hundreds of other people.

But engineering isn’t the only industry relying on PPE and COVID-19 Compliance to safeguard employees. Similar guidelines are now being applied in the construction, mining, utility and healthcare sectors, and by many commercial enterprises. 

Facial readers may be contactless, but masks, goggles or helmets may greatly reduce the accuracy of the recognition software. That can lead to the rejection of authorized people and others with no legitimate business in the area being allowed to enter.

Iris-based authentication is also contactless. And it is also not impaired by PPE — including tinted glasses or contact lenses. Using the iris to identify people complies with the COVID-19 guidelines and also eliminates the potential spreading of disease while still maintaining security protocols.

There’s no need for employers to make a choice between their employees’ well-being and facility security and compliance. 

Learn more about our many COVID-19 Compliant solutions and how they are used for everything from access control to time and attendance and many other applications.

Aditech COVID-19 Compliant Solutions

Aditech Covid-19 SolutionsAs the COVID-19 pandemic changes our lives forever, so will the reliance on “Contactless” Access Control and Time and Attendance systems, migrating from Keys, Cards and Codes to safer COVID-19 Compliant solutions employing Iris Recognition and Identification based biometric technology.

Aditech and its partners have devised such solutions based on its range of reliable, accurate, tried and tested devices, flexible solutions that can be applied to many crucial applications and in the most hostile environments.

Aditech Ltd. has been involved with many biometric applications across the complete spectrum of industry including Government, Aviation, Military, Construction, Medical, Corporate Security and of course Manufacturing.

(For further details on Aditech Contactless Access in Engineering contact; Paul Stanborough, Managing Director Aditech Limited. Tel: +44 (0)1296 398085 Email:

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